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Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Pluto, Volume One


  • Pluto's Quin-Puplets (1937)
  • Bone Trouble (1940)
  • Pantry Pirate (1940)
  • Pluto's Playmate (1941)
  • A Gentleman's Gentleman (1941)
  • Canine Caddy (1941)
  • Lend A Paw (1941)
  • Pluto, Junior (1942)
  • The Army Mascot (1942)
  • The Sleepwalker (1942)
  • T-Bone For Two (1942)
  • Pluto At The Zoo (1942)
  • Pluto And The Armadillo (1943)
  • Private Pluto (1943)
  • Springtime For Pluto (1944)
  • First Aiders (1944)
  • Dog Watch (1945)
  • Canine Casanova (1945)
  • The Legend Of Coyote Rock (1945)
  • Canine Patrol (1945)
  • Pluto's Kid Brother (1946)
  • In Dutch (1946)
  • Squatter's Rights (1946)
  • The Purloined Pup (1946)
  • Pluto's Housewarming (1947)
  • Rescue Dog (1947)
  • Mail Dog (1947)
  • Pluto's Blue Note (1947)
  • Bone Bandit (1948)
  • Pluto's Purchase (1948)
  • Cat Nap Pluto (1948)
  • Pluto's Fledgling (1948)
  • Pueblo Pluto (1949)
  • Pluto's Surprise Package (1949)
  • Pluto's Sweater (1949)
  • Bubble Bee (1949)
  • Sheep Dog (1949)
  • Pluto's Heart Throb (1950)
  • Pluto And The Gopher (1950)
  • Wonder Dog (1950)
  • Primitive Pluto (1950)
  • Puss-Cafe (1950)
  • Pests Of The West (1950)
  • Food For Feudin' (1950)
  • Camp Dog (1950)
  • Cold Storage (1951)
  • Plutopia (1951)
  • Cold Turkey (1951)

Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Pluto, Volume Two


Mickey's best pal Pluto continues to light up the screen as leading dog in more of his adventure-filled cartoons. Putting the spotlight on his comical antics from 1947 through 1951, this volume includes the inspired "Bone Bandit" of 1948 and the 1951 classic "Plutopia." The treats continue with three rarely seen shorts featuring Pluto's feline nemesis Figaro, and a revealing exploration of a classic Pluto short. Plus, contemporary Disney master animators discuss their favorite Pluto moments and the art and craft behind them. It's no wonder Mickey's faithful pup became top dog around the world. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.

Classic Cartoon Favorites: Best Pals Mickey and Pluto

(Volume 12)

Format: DVD
Pluto teams up with his pal Mickey for classic doggone fun in this new collection of eight shorts. Mickey travels to South America and has a ball with "Pluto And The Armadillo," a clever turtle and Pluto match wits in "Pluto's Housewarming," and some playful puppies keep Pluto on his paws in the adorable "Pluto, Junior" and the hilarious "Pueblo Pluto." You'll be rolling over with laughter when you join Mickey, Pluto, and their pals for fun and adventure!

Description from Manufacturer

Here's Pluto (1991)

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • Mail Dog
  • Pantry Pirate
  • Springtime for Pluto

Starring Pluto & Fifi (1991)

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • Society Dog Show
  • Pluto's Blue Note
  • Pluto's Quin-puplets

Halloween Haunts

Available Format:

A wondrous collection of cartoon masterpieces from the great Disney legacy. Each volume in this fabulous series is filled with the joy and laughter that have made these cartoons timeless. Yours to enjoy now ... and forever. Scare yourself silly with these hauntingly hilarious Halloween treats. Join your favorite Disney characters for ghostly giggles and spooky stories! In "Pluto's Judgment Day," mischievous Pluto gets a nightmare sentence from the Court of Cats after he chases a kitten for fun! Then, in "Lonesome Ghosts," Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy try to scare up some business as haunted-house cleaners! Finally, in "Trick Or Treat" a sweet old lady on a broom swoops down on trickster Donald, and it proves to be a real treat to his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

Product Description from Manufacturer

Includes the animated shorts:
  • Pluto's Judgment Day
  • Lonesome Ghosts
  • Trick or Treat

Pluto Cartoon Classics

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • Pluto's Fledgling
  • The Pointer
  • The Legend of Coyote Rock
  • In Dutch
  • Private Pluto
  • Bone Trouble
  • Camp Dog

Walt Disney's It's a Small World of Fun (Volume 3)

Format: DVD
Join your favorite Disney characters as they travel the globe in this fun-filled collection of classic shorts. Six unforgettable adventures with an international flavor prove that it truly is a small world after all. The journey begins with Disney's take on the legend of "Johnny Appleseed," one of the most colorful characters of the American frontier. Volume 3 also finds Mickey, Donald and Pluto involved in a Swiss mishap in "Alpine Climbers," and Goofy's trip to India goes hilariously awry in "Tiger Trouble." this magical collection is a treasure trove of classic tales to share with the whole family.

Happy Summer Days (1992)

Available Format:

There are two facts about the two cartoons in this delightful video, in tea for 200 it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cartoon Short Subject of 1948 also in the simple things we say "goodbye" to Mickey for a while because that was his last cartoon for 30 years until Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Includes the animated shorts:
  • Father's Lion
  • Tea for Two Hundred
  • The Simple Things
  • Two Weeks Vacation

Canine Commando (1986)

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • The Army Mascot
  • Dog Watch
  • Canine Patrol

Sweetheart Stories (1995)

Format: VHS
Sweethearts Mickey and Minnie Mouse invite you to share some classic memories from their unforgettable courtship! They're joined by Donald, Pluto, and more of your favorite Disney characters for cartoons that celebrate love in bloom! The heartwarming, romantic fun includes "Mickey's Rival," "In Dutch," and "Nifty Nineties." "Society Dog Show," "Donald's Double Trouble," and "The Brave Little Tailor."

Product Description from Manufacturer

Love Tales (1994)

Format: VHS
Love is in the air for Mickey, Pluto, and Donald! So make a date with your favorite Disney characters for cartoons filled with romance and laughter! Episodes that will win your heart include "Mickey's Delayed Date," "Pluto's Heart Throb," and "Mr. Duck Steps Out."

Product Description from Manufacturer

Disney's Halloween Treat

Available Format:

Short excerpts from various Disney feature films highlighting Disney villians, plus
  • Donald Duck and the Gorilla
  • Pluto's Judgement Day

Classic Holiday Stories

(Classic Cartoon Favorites -- Volume 9)

Available Formats:

Celebrate the season with classic holiday stories full of humor and heart! In "The Small One," a young boy discovers the true spirit of the season when he gives his beloved donkey to a very special passenger on a very special night. Then laughs light up the house when Pluto discovers Chip 'n' Dale living inside "Pluto's Christmas Tree." And in "Mickey's Christmas Carol," everybody’s favorite mouse and a host of other Disney favorites present their delightful and uplifting adaptation of Dickens' beloved Christmas tale. Your whole family will love every minute of this classic collection of heartwarming holiday stories!

Description from Manufacturer

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